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Arts Program in the USA

Diploma/Certificate in Arts│Bachelor of Arts│Master of Arts

There's a growing recognition in the USA of the arts' intrinsic value for fostering creativity, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence. Institution in the USA are beginning to advocate more vigorously for arts education, highlighting its essential role in developing well-rounded individuals and maintaining cultural heritage.





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The Animation program crafts dynamic visuals and stories through digital and traditional animation techniques and principles.


The Anthropology program explores human societies, cultures, and biological aspects across time for a comprehensive understanding of humanity.


The Communication program studies human interaction, media dynamics, and effective messaging in personal and professional contexts.

English Literature

The English Literature program delves into works of English literature to explore themes, historical contexts, and literary criticism.

Fashion, Esthetics

Fashion and Esthetics programs combine creativity with practical skills in fashion design and beauty to shape trends and aesthetics.

Fine Arts

The Fine Arts program fosters artistic expression through painting, sculpture, and various visual arts disciplines.

Food and Culinary

Food and Culinary programs master the art and science of cooking, culinary techniques, and food service management.

Gender Studies

The Gender Studies program analyzes gender roles, relations, and identities within social, cultural, and political contexts.


The General Arts program involves cultivating creativity, cultural awareness, and a broad intellectual perspective across various disciplines.


The Geology program is the study of Earth, its materials, processes, history, and its impact on humans and the environment.

Global Studies

The Global Studies program understands global issues, cultures, and systems through an interdisciplinary lens for international competence.

Graphic Design, Interior Design

Graphic Design and Interior Design programs create visual content and functional spaces that communicate messages and enhance environments.


The History program unravels the past to understand the events, people, and ideas that have shaped the world.


The Journalism program reports on news and current events with integrity, accuracy, and journalistic ethics.


The Language program acquires proficiency in languages to enhance communication, cultural understanding, and career opportunities.

Liberal Arts

The Liberal Arts program builds a broad knowledge base across humanities, sciences, and arts for well-rounded critical thinking.

Media, Photography, Film, Theatre, Performance

Media, Photography, Film, Theatre, and Performance programs produce dynamic content in various media and performing arts for artistic expression and entertainment.

Music, Audio

Music and Audio programs involve creating, performing, and studying music and sound across genres and contexts.

Planning (Urban)

The Urban Planning program designs urban environments and policies for sustainable and livable community development.


The Religion program examines religious beliefs, practices, and influences across cultures and history.


The Sociology program investigates societal structures, interactions, and social issues to understand human behavior and institutions.

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