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Engineering and Technology Programs in Canada

Certificate/Diploma in Engineering and Technology│Bachelor of Engineering and Technology│Master of Engineering and Technology

Canadian universities are renowned for their Engineering and Technology degrees that offer cutting-edge research facilities and close ties with the industry, providing students with practical, hands-on experience that prepares them for the challenges of the future.





Popular Institutions

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Aero Space, Aviation, and Pilot Technology

Aero Space, Aviation, and Pilot Technology programs develop expertise in aerospace engineering, focusing on aircraft and spacecraft design and systems analysis, navigation, and pilot technology for aviation careers.


The Agriculture program offers insights into modern agriculture techniques, crop science, and sustainability in food production.


The Architecture program nurtures creative design and technical skills for planning and constructing sustainable buildings and spaces.

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering combines engineering principles with medical sciences to advance healthcare technology and treatments.

Chemical Engineering

The Chemical Engineering program addresses chemical production processes and materials engineering for industrial and environmental applications.

Civil Engineering, Construction

Civil Engineering and Construction programs prepare students for designing, constructing, and maintaining infrastructure projects and systems.

Electrical Engineering

The Electrical Engineering program focuses on electrical systems design, energy production, and electronic materials for various applications.

Electronic Engineering

Electronic Engineering delivers knowledge on designing and developing electronic devices, circuits, and communications systems.

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering aims at solving environmental problems using engineering methods for sustainable development.

Game Design, Game Animation, Game Creation

Game Design, Game Animation, and Game Creation programs cultivate creativity and technical skills in developing engaging video games and animations.


The Industrial program optimizes complex processes, systems, and organizations for improved efficiency and productivity in industries.

Material Engineering

The Material Engineering program engages with developing, analyzing materials for advanced technologies and sustainable industrial applications.

Mechanical, Manufacturing, Robotic Engineering

Mechanical, Manufacturing, and Robotic Engineering programs cover design, automation, and manufacturing processes in mechanical and robotics systems.


The Radiography Technology program trains in imaging technologies for diagnostic purposes in medical settings.

Technology, Software, Computer, IT

Technology, Software, Computer, and IT programs offer advanced training in software development, cybersecurity, and IT management for burgeoning tech careers.

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