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Engineering and Technology Programs in the USA

Diploma/Certificate in Engineering and Technology│Bachelor of Engineering and Technology│Master of Engineering and Technology

USA is renowned for their state-of-the-art facilities, wherein Engineering and Technology programs offer students access to cutting-edge technological advancements and research opportunities. International students are immersed in an environment that champions practical learning, creativity, and problem-solving, preparing them for the challenges of the future.





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Aero Space, Aviation, and Pilot Technology

Aero Space, Aviation, and Pilot Technology programs are pioneering the exploration of air and space through advanced aerospace technologies and navigation, piloting aircraft, and understanding aviation’s technological underpinnings.


The Agriculture program integrates engineering with agricultural science to improve farming methods and food production efficiency.


The Architecture program blends artistic vision and engineering to design buildings that are aesthetically and structurally sound.

Biomedical Engineering

The Biomedical Engineering program develops medical innovations through engineering for improved healthcare diagnosis, treatment, and patient care.

Chemical Engineering

The Chemical Engineering program applies chemical principles to design processes and products for a wide range of industries.

Civil Engineering, Construction

Civil Engineering and Construction programs focus on designing and constructing infrastructure projects, from bridges to highways, with sustainability in mind.

Electrical Engineering

The Electrical Engineering program focuses on innovating electrical systems and technologies, from circuits to renewable energy solutions.

Electronic Engineering

The Electronic Engineering program focuses on microelectronics, telecommunications, and signal processing to advance digital technologies.

Environmental Engineering

The Environmental Engineering program applies engineering to solve environmental issues, focusing on sustainability and pollution reduction.

Game Design, Animation, Creation

Game Design, Game Animation, and Game Creation programs involve crafting engaging video games with innovative design, compelling animation, and creative storytelling.

Industrial Engineering

The Industrial Engineering program optimizes systems and processes in manufacturing and services for efficiency and productivity.

Material Engineering

The Material Engineering program focuses on studying and developing materials to advance technology in various engineering fields.

Mechanical, Manufacturing, Robotic Engineering

Mechanical, Manufacturing, and Robotic Engineering programs involve designing mechanical systems, robotics, and streamlined manufacturing processes for innovation.

Radiography Technology

The Radiography Technology program leverages technology in imaging to diagnose and treat diseases with precision.

Technology, Software, Computer, IT

Technology, Software, Computer, and IT programs involve innovating digital futures with cutting-edge computing, software development, and information technology solutions.

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