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Announced: Canada's Immigration Plans Released; Record High Immigrants Expected in 2021

On October 30th, 2020 Canada announced it’s plan for immigration levels in the next three years (2021-2023). The annual immigration level plan determines the goal for how many permanent residents are expected to be admitted to Canada. This is further broken down into sub-categories which include a wide range economic programs, family sponsorship programs, and much more.

The plan for the next three years has been developed under consideration of COVID-19 and its impacts on the Canadian economy and permanent resident admissions. The breakdown of the projected targets is given below, by category:

Canada Immigration Plan for Permanent Residents from 2021-2023 Immigration Program Categories 2021 2022 2023 Federal Economic, Provincial/territorial Nominees 208,500 213,900 217,500

Family Reunification 105,000 105,000 106,000 Refugees, Protected Persons, Humanitarian and Compassionate and Other 68,000 68,000 70,500





(Source: 2020 Annual Report to Parliament on Immigration; Based on High range estimates for immigration programs)

In 2019, Canada achieved its highest level of permanent resident admissions in recent history with 341,180 admissions, which is 6.3% higher than in 2018. This number is increasing drastically with the new plan for immigration in 2021-2023. Canada has over 80 immigration programs, and these fall under some of the categories in the above plan. Find out more about the programs that fall under each category below:

Economic Immigration

The 2021-2023 immigration plan has a strong focus on economic immigration programs, with 58% of expected immigrants being admitted under economic class programs. If you are looking to apply under economic immigration, you may qualify for one or more economic classes including the following:

  1. Express Entry (Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Worker Class, Federal Trade Worker Class)

  2. Provincial Nominee Programs (wide range or programs available from the BC PNP Regional Pilot to Alberta PNP International Graduate Entrepreneur stream and much more)

  3. Start-up Business Class

  4. Self-Employed Class

  5. Caregiver Classes

Family Reunification

In 2019, 91,311 individuals were admitted under this category, representing a 7.2% increase from 2018 and a record high. Canada places particular emphasis on ensuring that individuals are able to reunite with their families living in Canada. They allow sponsorship of family members to come to Canada as permanent residents. The sponsors accept financial responsibility for their family members.

Some of the Family unification programs are:

  1. Sponsor your spouse or common-law partner

  2. Sponsor your dependent children

  3. Sponsor your parents and grandparents

  4. Sponsor your relatives

Humanitarian and Compassionate Immigration

Canada recognizes that there can sometimes be exceptional circumstances where individuals are granted permanent residency on a case-by-case basis on humanitarian and compassionate grounds. In 2019, there were 4,681 permanent residents admitted through these discretionary streams.

Refugees and Protected Persons

IRCC sets a target each year for permanent residents falling in the refugee settlement category. Individuals and their dependents who are asylum claimants granted protected status by Canada are granted permanent residence under the Permanent Residents in Canada & Dependents Abroad category. 48,580 people were granted Permanent Residence under these categories in 2019. 

Canada's intention of welcoming even more immigrants in the next three years shows how important immigrants are to the Canadian economy. If you are looking to immigrate to Canada and build a life here, we can help. Our experts can help you find the best immigration program given your personal circumstances.  Book a Consultation to Get Started

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