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Chitra Selected to Speak At The 2021 Education Partner Symposium (EPS)

Updated: May 15

Chitra was selected as one of this year’s Education Partner Symposium (EPS) speakers. As an experienced Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) and British Columbia’s Chair and Vice-Chair in Education, Chitra is a leading voice in the realm where education and immigration meet. She is excited to share her insights on supporting students throughout their immigration procedures.

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Chitra Selected to Speak At The 2021 Education Partner Symposium (EPS)

What is the Education Partner Symposium (EPS)?

The Education Partner Symposium (EPS) is an annual event designed to create opportunities for Education Partner Program (EPP) members and partner Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs) to network. As global demand for Canadian education continues to rise, immigration consultants hold a big responsibility in helping international students reach their goals.

However, consultants must prioritize their business relationships with educators and institutions to be successful. Strong bonds with the different players in the industry enable consultants to provide more knowledgeable advice to international students. Through this, consultants can ensure that students are well-informed and better prepared to make their own decisions.

The Importance of Networking Between Sectors

Immigration consultants play an essential role in an international student’s journey to Canada. As consultants, they guide their clients through the recruitment and immigration process. The Education Partner Program (EPP) helps consultants in the student recruitment process, boosting their business growth and providing DLIs the opportunity to explore beyond traditional markets. Events like EPS gather DLI representatives, immigration consultants, and senior government officials around an insightful agenda featuring updates and noteworthy trends in both sectors.

The Education Partner Symposium (EPS): 2021 Agenda

EPS 2021 attendees will include government representatives, educational institutions, student associations, and industry experts. This year’s agenda will cover the following:

  • Preparing an Optimal Study Permit Application - How obstacles, red flags and biases may impact a study permit application; how to address these issues <75 minutes>

  • A Rapid-Fire Round on Miscellaneous Student Scenarios –i.e., missed semesters, new DLIs, status lapse, dependents abroad and more <75 minutes>

  • Creating Pathways to a New Future - For most students, travelling to Canada is more than getting an international education; it provides them with a clean slate, a new future. In this session, options to help build individual paths for each client will be explored <45 minutes>

  • Wrapping up the Symposium – This session will synthesize everything discussed with a round table and a bird’s-eye view of what lies ahead for all parties <30 minutes>

To learn more, please visit the EPS website:

A Cautionary Note: The foregoing provides only an overview and does not constitute legal advice. Readers are cautioned against making any decisions based on this material alone. Rather, specific legal advice should be obtained, and the readers are asked to refer to the government website for the most updated information.

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